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Storytime: Molecular Health textbooks for ages 9 yrs to 99 yrs

Molecular Health Textbooks

Books for health professionals: Musings (hypotheses & debate) on current health topics in the news.


The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 supported decreasing pharmacological agents in nursing homes with the goal of partially replacing them with non-pharmacological interventions. Our research includes gathering data on non-pharmacological interventions by Activities professionals.

Activities professionals love reading

In addition, we will be writing reviews, perspective, and medical hypothesis articles on topics related to dementia-like this one.

Happy Elderly Woman Holding a Book

Alzheimer's Hypothesis

Epigenetics, Exercise, Aging

Activities, Happiness,

Activities: Part of the Healthcare Team

Women & Entrepreneurship

sRNAs in the air?

Enduring Spirit in Dementia

Intergenerational Reading Activities

STEM & Dementia

Nursing Home Diversity: Transgender

The Importance of Reading

Dicer & Dementia

Stephen Hawking

Temperature & Dementia

Tobacco Smoke, Epigenetics

Multicultural activities: Language

Jumping Genes

Social Entrepreneurship and Adaptive Technology

Public Health Entrepreneurship: Fruit Guys

Diet & Small RNAs

Health Nuts

Activities & Healing

Hypothesis Regarding Diet and Jumping Genes

A Garden and a Library

The Wisdom of Fruit Trees


Diet-Derived Exogenous Small RNAs????

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2018 Miami

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Epigenetics: 2018 London

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